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Friday, 23 March 2012

Before the Ceremony

Walking to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (l to r: Mike, Mark and Charlie)
The Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, where the Civil Partnership Declaration Ceremony was held. 
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Cake and flowers

 Fresh flowers from the market.
 Mark spent weeks making the decorations for the cake, and then days making the cake.
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The theme of the day, the cake and the flowers, were taken from the painting of irises in our living room - purple, green and yellow. 
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Cutting the cake

It was such a shame to cut into Mark's beautiful creation, but it was also so exciting to finally get to have a slice! 

Carmel and Prue provided yeoman service, not only cutting the cake but also then making sure it was presented beautifully on serving plates and served around. (Special thanks also to Rob, who took it upon himself to ply everyone with drinks and be self-appointment barman, and to Darryl, who brought in all his spy cameras and placed them all over the house, and Riley and Carolina and Alberto, who all took loads of photos and video and sent us every bit they captured.)

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Everyone gathered around the cake, downstairs, as Charlie got ready to give his speech.
 Charlie, as Mark's oldest friend, gave a wonderful speech recounting his memories of Mark as they grew up together, and the first time he heard about and then met Jay. 

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A video of Charlie's speech, followed by a short speech by Jay and then Mark. 
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The Cake

Mark's ultimate creation and pièce de résistance, the cake was made of four tiers and the decorations took weeks to make. Each flower was intricately handcrafted and carefully placed.

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Beautiful music by Bree

Beautiful live music at the party by Bree Bullock, who actually learned a Shirley Bassey song especially as a surprise for Mark.
Find Bree on Facebook and on iTunes

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The party went equally well downstairs, where the alcohol was flowing and music was playing...

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It was beautiful weather and the party was in full swing upstairs, where the food didn't last long...

 Jack enjoyed some special attention from the ladies.

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Mark gets a hug from his new sister-in-law.

 There were even bubbles, to make the occasion extra special... an unexpected surprise!

Everybody back to the apartment for the party: cake, canapés and champagne!
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After 15 years together we finally get a certificate...

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Signing the Register

Signing the Register, with Joanne as our witness.

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The Rings

Three diamonds, one each to signify Friendship, Love and Commitment
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The Ceremony

Exchanging vows was a bit complicated as the Registrar rattled off entire sentences to be spoken by Mark and Jay, and she had to be told to slow down and repeat the vows in smaller segments.

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A video snippet of the start of the Ceremony.
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The majority of the Ceremony is captured in this video, including the hilarity of the Registrar getting tongue tied and rattling off long sentences which Jay nor Mark could repeat. 
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This video is of the end of the Ceremony, including vows and exchange of rings. 
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The Walk

The reception from all our friends as we walked down the aisle was overwhelming.
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In the foyer

Joanne and Jay, waiting for the ceremony to start at the Registry
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